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  • What we believe

    We believe that any marriage can improve with intention, understanding, coaching and skill building.

    What Coaching is


    Discovering the answers for your situations through challenging questions, goal setting and action steps. This is for either a couple or individuals looking to improve their marriages.













    I had some reservations about coaching but consented to meet with Michelle out of curiosity about how coaching worked. I was pleasantly surprised to see how processing through any situation I was facing though the coaching process helped me focus on my options and make wise decisions. It worked for small and large issues in my life and I am very happy I have had the opportunity to work with Michelle.

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    What Coaching is not

    It is not counseling, therapy, diagnostic, historical or mental health related.

    Are you ready??

    Do you feel ready for a new challenge? To think outside the box? Are you willing to explore new options? Are you in transition and looking for help adjusting?


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    Working with individuals

    and couples for over 15 years


    Western Seminary, Certificate in Transformational Coaching

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    Prepare and Enrich Facilitators

    SYMBIS Saving your marriage before it starts

    Certified Biblical Counselors

    John Gottman 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work

    Marriage and Individual Coaches

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    We Care About Relationships

    Bad marriages just happen, good marriages take work!

    No one stands at the alter fully understanding how difficult a marriage can be. We all desire to be fully known and fully loved. Coaching can help you use skills and learn how to communicate and rediscover who you both are and who you want to be.



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